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Where did my interest in birds start.

You could it started when I was a child growing up, in Highley with my late father Anthony Dudley Crossman (Tony or Tonk to his friends, was an avid member of the B.T.O and a registered bird ringer.

I spent endless hours with him, catching birds in the mist nets and checking 100's of bird boxes that we installed throughout the Wyre Forest and Far Forest.

Spending weekend after weekend sleeping in a car, in the Welsh mountains looking for Wheater Nests in order to ring them and monitor their migration. 


My introduction to falconry


Well, it all started when I returned home from Scotland after two seasons of Deer control.

I was at Weston Park Gamefair with two very good friends, Barry. H and Barnaby. B.  After some drinking time, Barnaby.B (who was already very knowledgable about Falconry) said that I should get a hawk - so that season, I got a hawk.  In no time, I was catching fur and this resulted in getting a position with a pest control company for a couple of seasons, flying both hawks and falcons.


The Business


As a falconer you need equipment and we had one, right on our front door - Falconry Fayre, owned by the late Roy Wellings and his son.  

Eventually, Roy decided to retire, I purchased Falconry Fayre and from this, UB Falconry UK was born and has now been established for over a decade.


About the company


Our aim is to provide and design falconry equipment to the best possible standard for B.O.P.

The bow perches are like nothing else on the market, allowing free-flowing of the ring.

Swivels, bells and gloves and all of our other equipment are all made on our premises in the heart of Worcestershire. 

We come very highly recommended for bespoke made equipment that is made from the finest materials available.

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